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Cool stray key in process_key: item_getiteminfo 61

I was getting

./hlds_run: 1: ./hlds_run: gdb: not found
Please install gdb first.
Error ..!!

I asked my host to install gdb, they installed it in my Server machine. Now more this log appears again but I can see this,
stray key in process_key: item_getiteminfo 61
Is this Debug? Or simply I should just Ignore it?

Please Guide ..!!


I got 2 Answers:

Сообщение от Arkshine
This message says basically "item_getiteminfo" has been found in "hamdata.ini" but is not handled by the module.
It could happens because the function is not yet implemented in module, which was the case for this one, or because there is a typo in the name and module can't find it in its own list, even though function is implemented.

Such messages can be safely ignored. With AMXX 1.8.3, typos have been fixed and item_getiteminfo has been implemented.
Сообщение от Bos93
This is the not reason for crash
I got my Answer. Now its your wish. Either You Delete Post Or Let Be There. So, Others May Get Help.
Everyone's copyright will be broken. No expectations ..!!

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